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Directory List and Print Freeware

Directory List & Print is software for Windows which enables listing and printing of directories and their contents in the most simple way. The lists can also be copied and exported into other programs by using the clipboard.

Lists can be formatted, filtered and saved to several formats as well as further processed (listed files can be deleted / moved / copied including original creation date). The program supports multiple languages.

Easy to use

Directory List & Print is easy to use software that allows you to quickly and easily list folder contents or directory structures. The resulting file lists can be formatted, filtered and saved to several different formats as well as directly opened in Word or Excel. In addition, the program can extract more than 100 meta tags from image (Exif and IPTC), audio and video files as well as most documents and PDFs and display them in the resulting lists.

The software is designed like a simple wizard, so even users with no previous experience will be able to create impressive file listings in less than a minute. All the necessary information is provided in a Explorer-like tree structure on the first half of the interface and in the resulting text-based file listing on the second half of the window. The latter can include details such as folder paths, file sizes and timestamps as well as MP3 ID3 tags and document information.

Filtering options

Directory list & print Pro offers numerous selection functions and filter possibilities, so that the requested folder listing can be easily set up. It is also possible to create and display lists of MP3 audio files, videos, as well as documents including all meta tags (Exif, IPTC). Also the directory recursion depth/levels for subdirectories can be freely defined.

The result can be saved in several formats, e.g. TXT, XML or HTML file and can be used in almost any program (printing, Word form etc). It is also possible to copy the results directly into the Windows Explorer or other programs such as Microsoft Excel and LibreOffice Writer and Calc.

The software can extract more than 100 different information from image files (Exif, IPTC), most audio and video files, as well as many documents and PDFs, and display it in the result. It is also possible to display the total number and size of files for each directory, including all subdirectories.

Exporting options

Directory List & Print is a tool that makes it easy to print out neatly formatted lists of files and folders on your computer. It can show information about files such as name, path, size, created/modified date and attributes and for folders it can display the parent folder, current size, number of sub folders and more. The free build has basic functionality but the commercial one can display much more and it also supports folder filters.

The numerous selection functions and filter possibilities make it possible to create simply and fast your requested folder listings (including meta tags like Exif, IPTC, audio and video tags, document information, thumbnails etc). Besides being printed the file lists can be saved in several formats including text, Excel, PDF and HTML table and can be further processed by copying into other programs. The software can be added to the Windows Explorer context menu and lists can even be exported directly into Microsoft Word and Excel.


Directory List & Print is a software utility for Windows which enables you to easily list folder contents and directories in a comfortable way. It provides you with a number of filter options to customize the created file lists. It also enables you to print or export the file listing to other programs by copying it into the clipboard.

The program allows you to select single directories or whole tree structures and looping through sub-directories is supported. The number of levels of sub-directories that will be listed can be specified. You can also choose what information will be shown in the file lists such as long and short file name, date/time, size, path, extension, attributes or MP3 ID3 tags.

The program is licensed as shareware for a limited time, but you can use it for free until the trial period expires. After that, you have to purchase a licence to continue using it. You will receive a license key by email after your purchase, which can be entered in the dialog window in the program to activate the full version.

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